Visuals for radio Synchronized content on any supporting app or device.

What is RadioVIS?

RadioVIS gives stations the power to add visuals alongside their broadcast.

These images can appear on any compatible device or application, it just has to have an internet connection.

RadioVIS is part of the collaborative RadioDNS project, which G Media is proud to be a supporter of, alongside many other industry organisations.

What kind of information can appear on RadioVIS?

While there are many possibilities, examples of visuals include:

  • The show on air and a picture of the presenter
  • The song playing now, with cover art
  • Other schedule information such who is on next or later
  • Advertising with a brand taking over entire slides
  • News headlines
  • Weather for the area
  • Traffic data, or tube status
  • Webcam live images

Where can I see RadioVIS?

Any device manufacturer can add RadioVIS to their product. Any software developer can add it to their app. It's free and well documented, so more implementations are being added regularly.

How does it work?

Radio stations transmit bits of data that can be used to uniquely identify them.

A device with RadioVIS uses this data and constructs an address, ending in

Through the magic of DNS and CNAME records, the broadcaster's domain name is found. If they are utilising RadioVIS, the device will then begin showing the visuals.

This is a pretty basic explanation. If you're interested then you can read more in the RadioDNS documentation.

What else?

RadioDNS may charge for adding your VIS service to the lookup table used by devices and apps. Take a look at their site for more information.

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