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it's who we are, what we do, and what we love.

We're developing.
In more ways than one.

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our reach

We began in the UK, but we’re ambitious.

Companies in the US, Canada and Europe are enjoying and profiting from our products too.

We want more people to join us, to help build services that support the future of our industry.

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our ideas

Radio stations are thirsty for the next big thing, and so are we.

We’re building exciting new products to engage listeners and help our clients to prosper.

Radio is multi-platform, and it’s our goal to ensure great content is easy to distribute.

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our people

If you’re looking for a challenge, working in a creative environment, in an exciting and vibrant industry, we could be looking for you.

We hire enthusiastic perfectionists with bags full of ideas, who want to help shape the direction of our company.

Embracing New Technology

It’s not just part of the job. It's the reason we do what we do. To stay ahead, to look for ways to make things simpler and easier, and ultimately to make better products.

We love technology and the challenge it presents; be creative, innovate and think big.

Every day we learn from each other and share ideas. We created @gmedialabs to share techy observations and useful findings.

Making The Best Products

It's not easy.
We want to create things we can be proud of, so we don't settle for just okay or good.

At G Media, we're not afraid of change if it means making something better; we encourage taking risks and trying something new.

We continuously improve our products, there's no waiting around for an update.

Our Values

Cup of Tea


We love working with people - our clients and contacts appreciate the personal touch.

We’re approachable people and don’t hide behind corporate hierarchy.

This is true inside the company too, where we all work together in an open office.



To make great things, we work on ideas together, letting the best ones win.

If you need time to knuckle down solo, theres a place for that too.

We move fast, with rapid brainstorming sessions and casual catch ups, not long meetings.

Bowling Pins and Ball


We find work and play go hand in hand to create a successful company.

You could be representing us at a national conference one day, and out with the team the next evening at Hollywood Bowl.

We’re fans of 1st class travel, nice hotels and meals out to unwind.

Lifeguard Ring


Our clients describe us as their colleagues who aren't in their office. Handily, this gets us out of making the tea!

We fly the flag for our industry at events around the world, making friends and catching up with old ones too.

We're currently appearing on office walls everywhere with our spot on the Radio Today 2013 calendar.



We're motivated by finding simple new ways to do incredible, useful things.

Creativity is at the heart of what we do. We are passionate about making the best work for our clients, never settling for just 'good'.

There’s no right or wrong, just great ideas and that’s what drives us each day.



We work hard to make our clients' lives easier.

We care deeply about building a great user experience, both for website visitors and CMS users, in equal measure.

Why? Because nobody really likes instruction manuals. Our products are used by busy people, our job is to help them to be productive without introducing complexity.

Us and Our Clients. We're One Big Team.

One user of Airwave pushed us to make uploading photos simpler.

We accepted the challenge and created a tool which is as easy to use as Facebook.

And it automatically pushes the pictures to a Facebook account too!

One Airwave user needed an easier to use and more powerful form tool.

They wanted quiz management, marketing data handling, advanced email management and more.

We pulled out all the stops to create an industry leading solution.

Our People

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Ricki Lee

Executive Director

Ricki looks after sales, support and general management. Ricki met Gav in 2000 and convinced him that 'with a lot of work' they could create something special for the radio industry. Airwave was born and the rest is history.

A proper coffee geek. Ricki actually owns his own coffee shop and is a fully trained barista.

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Gav Richards

Product Development Director

As one of the Radio Academy's 30 under 30 for 2011 and 2012, Gav's passion is building products which make our clients successful.
His approach is to strive for simplicity, and focus on doing a few things great.

Outside the office, Gav is a comedy fan and improv performer.

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Luke James Taylor

Creative Director

A passion for design that borders on obsession, Luke will often be found pushing pixels around to achieve a perfect design.

He tries to play the guitar, enjoys seeing the world, and thinks Larry David is a top comedian.

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Steve Edson


No stranger to the command line, Steve can often be found testing and scouring Twitter for the latest in web and mobile technology.

Outside of G Media, Steve enjoys socialising with friends, eating out and watching films.

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Jonathan Cresswell

Designer and Front End Developer

Taking designs from paper sketches through to working websites, Jonathan enjoys solving problems to make things easier to use while looking good.

For fun, he works on unusual “dumb idea” projects from viral websites to rap music videos. The latter won’t happen again.


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